2nd English Program

2nd Central and East Program English selection

The Akebono Scholarship will hold an English program for those who are motivated to study in Japan but lack confidence in their Japanese language skills. In this program, we will conduct selection in English and determine the quasi-candidates. Those who are selected as quasi-candidates will be chosen as scholarship recipients after passing the designated Japanese language proficiency test within a year and a half and conducting a final interview.

In addition, the overview of the scholarship remains the same for both the English and Japanese selections. Please be sure to confirm the following overview and apply.

1. Scholarship Overview

(1) Monthly stipend: approximately Maximum 200,000 JPY/month (including rent and living expenses), travel expenses required for coming to Japan, and expenses recognized as necessary for creating a conducive learning environment. However, submission of an itemized expense report is a prerequisite for receiving the above-mentioned amount.

(2) Stipend period: April 2years. However, the period is subject to change depending on the program’s start and end dates.

(3) Method of stipend payment: Apply for expenses for the previous month by the 10th of the following month and receive the stipend via bank transfer to the recipient’s financial institution account by the end of the month. If the stipend date falls on a financial institution holiday, the stipend will be paid on the previous business day.

2. Eligibility for Application

Applicants who meet the following requirements are eligible to apply:

  • Individuals who can live and study in Japan as scholarship recipients and have a strong desire to learn.
  • Individuals who have no difficulty with Japanese language proficiency for daily life in Japan.
  • Individuals who hold the nationality of one of the following countries and are currently residing in that country for study or other reasons: Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, and Croatia. (This includes those who hold the nationality of one of the above-mentioned countries but are currently residing in another country for reasons such as studying abroad.)
  • Individuals who are 15 to 30 years old as of May 1, 2023.

3. Recruitment Overview

(1) Recruitment Schedule (tentative)

First selection (documentary screening): Applications due by 8:00 AM on August 18, 2023 (Fri.)
Announcement of the first selection results: 6:00 PM on September 1, 2023 (Fri.)

Second selection (video screening): Applications due by 8:00 AM on September 15, 2023 (Fri.)
Announcement of the second selection results: 6:00 PM on September 29, 2023 (Mon.)

Third selection (interview): October to November 2023
Announcement of the third selection results: November 30, 2023 (Thu.)

*All times are in Japan Standard Time.

(2) Number of Recruitment: Approximately 2-3 people.

4. Application Method

<Primary Screening>
(1) Applicants should register necessary information on the form provided on the foundation’s website and submit their application in English within 300 letters along with the theme mentioned below. Please note that the application should be submitted by the applicant themselves.
Application page: https://forms.gle/KQajrRK7KxYeqAyYA

*Google login is required, so please prepare a Google account. *Applications received by the foundation after the deadline will not be accepted in principle.

(2) The notification email of the screening result (pass/fail) will be sent by September 1, 2023.

[Theme] What you want to do with your life and what you would like to study in Japan to achieve that.
*Please include why you need to learn in Japan and how you plan to utilize what you have learned in your home country.

<Secondary Screening>
(Only for those who passed the primary screening)
(1) Shoot a video of a speech in English along with the specified theme and submit it to the foundation through a designated method (such as non-public upload to YouTube). Details such as the theme and shooting time will be notified only to those who passed the primary screening.

(2) Submit the following documents (the latest ones) to the foundation’s office.

  • A copy of identification (e.g. student ID, driver’s license, etc.)
  • A copy of your passport (Please inform us if you do not have one)
  • A recent academic transcript (For non-students, please submit the latest one from your student days)
  • Resume/Curriculum vitae designated by the foundation
  • Notes on sending: Please set a password when opening the documents and send the password to the specified email address separately.

(3) The notification email of the screening result (pass/fail) will be sent by September 29, 2023.

<Tertiary Screening>
(Only for those who passed the secondary screening)
(1) A face-to-face interview will be conducted. The time and place will be determined after consultation with the candidates who passed the secondary screening.

(2) The notification email of the screening result (pass/fail) will be sent by November 30, 2023 (scheduled).

5. After the Screening

After passing the tertiary screening, the successful candidates will have a direct interview with the foundation to discuss the program for studying in Japan and the schedule for visiting Japan. After the interview, the final decision will be made regarding the scholarship, including the amount of financial support and the education program, based on the adjustment of the visiting schedule and program, the arrangement of the host institutions, and the acquisition of the visa.

6. Evaluation Method and Criteria

<Primary Screening>
The selection committee of this foundation will conduct a document screening based on the application contents entered into the form that can be applied for on the foundation’s website. We will check whether the submitted contents are in line with the contents of this scholarship program and whether they are content that cannot be achieved without this scholarship.

<Secondary Screening>
The selection committee of this foundation will conduct a video screening using the video recorded and submitted by the applicants. The applicants will be asked to give a English language speech on a theme. We will confirm what they want to achieve after returning to their home country, what they want to learn in Japan to achieve that goal.

<Tertiary Screening>
We will have a face-to-face interview with the applicants to directly hear their thoughts on this scholarship and conduct a question-and-answer session. We will confirm whether the applicant can become able to speak Japanese before coming to Japan.

7. Obligations of Scholarship Students

Scholarship students must fulfill the following obligations:

(1) Submit reports and expense statements designated by the foundation by the monthly due date.
(2) Notify the foundation by the specified method in the following cases:
① When wishing to take a leave of absence or withdraw from the educational program
② When refusing to receive the scholarship from the foundation
③ When deciding to receive other scholarship benefits
④ When there is a change in the registered information (name, address, phone number, email address, bank account, etc.) with the foundation
(3) Attend regular reporting meetings held by the foundation
(4) Other requirements requested by the foundation within reasonable limits.

8. Temporary Suspension of Scholarship

Scholarship recipients must agree that their scholarship may be temporarily suspended in the following cases:
①When they take a leave of absence or withdraw from their educational program.
②When it is recognized that they have deviated from the originally planned visit to Japan.
③When they fail to fulfill their obligation to submit the required documents under 7. Scholarship Recipient’s Obligations (1).
④When they have been awarded a scholarship from another foundation or organization.

9. Loss of Scholarship Eligibility for Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship recipients may lose their eligibility as a recipient of our foundation’s scholarship and may be required to return the scholarship funds in the following cases:
①When they are suspended or expelled from their educational program.
②When they submit a request to decline the scholarship.
③When it is revealed that they received another scholarship that is not permitted to be used in conjunction with our foundation’s scholarship.
④When they fail to satisfy the requirements for lifting the temporary suspension of scholarship payments presented by our foundation after the scholarship payments were temporarily suspended.
⑤When they fail to fulfill their obligation to submit the required documents under 7. Scholarship Recipient’s Obligations (1) without justifiable reasons.
⑥When their academic performance or conduct is significantly poor.
⑦When it is discovered that they have some form of connection to antisocial forces.
⑧When there are false statements in the submitted documents.
⑨When there are other circumstances in which the scholarship recipient is deemed unsuitable as a recipient of the scholarship by our foundation.

10. Handling of Personal Information

① The personal information submitted at the time of application will not be used for any purposes other than the selection of scholarship recipients.
② The provided personal information will be managed appropriately in accordance with the “Akebono Foundation Personal Information Protection Policy”.
③ The provided personal information will be used within this organization for the disbursement of scholarships, guidance and advice to scholarship recipients, and for any other purposes necessary to achieve the objectives of this organization.
④ In cases where it is necessary for the performance of duties, the provided personal information may be disclosed to external business partners. In such cases, this organization will make arrangements with the business partners concerning the handling of personal information and make efforts to ensure thorough protection of personal information.

11. Others

  • The scholarships provided by this foundation do not impose any restrictions on post-graduate career paths.
  • Interviews may be conducted during the selection process.
  • We do not guarantee scholarship selection and awards for all applicants.
  • In cases where the visitation to Japan is significantly delayed due to reasons beyond the recipient’s control, such as visa acquisition or coordination with the accepting institution, even after granting the eligibility for scholarship receipt, it may be possible to reserve the scholarship award application with consultation for up to one year.

12. Inquiries

Akebono Scholarship, Japan Office
1-8-2 Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0041, Japan (Within Tokiwa Research Corporation)

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