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Tao Yamamoto

Message from the Founder

The Akebono Scholarship will grant scholarships to those who are willing to study in Japan and invite them to Japan. Those selected will be given the right to study in Japan with the solid support of the Akebono Scholarship after a selection process based on the content they wish to study and their willingness to study in Japan. By study in Japan, we would like to ask them to acquire skills and know-how that are unique to Japan and bring them back to their own country. Ultimately, we expect them to become talented persons who can play a bridging role between the two countries and actively spread the Japan’s great points to be proud of in the world.

Message from Japan
Office Manager

Due to geographical and historical factors as an island nation, Japanese culture has developed in a unique way. We believe that the development of medical technology, diverse food culture, and advanced earthquake-proof technology are some of the things that Japan can be proud of. We support those who wish to connect Japan with their home country and utilize such unique culture and technology for development.

Our scholarship does not only support students to come to Japan, but also supports them to achieve their career plans even after they return to their home countries. We are looking forward to receiving applications from those who are passionate about their work.

Japan Office Manager
Takashi Suzuki

Outline of the Foundation


Akebono Foundation


Tao Yamamoto

Japan Office Manager

Takashi Suzuki


January 2021


5F grandir ginza east, 1-8-2 Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0041(Japan office: Tokiwa- soken)

  • 1.Management of Akebono scholarship
  • 2.Life guidance and support for the Scholar
  • 3.Organize the exchange programs with scholar
  • 4.Other activities necessary to achieve the purposes of the preceding paragraph

Purpose of Establishment

One of the purposes of our foundation is to provide tailor-made support for study in Japan, not only by just offering scholarships for studying in university and internship in companies, but also by providing appropriate career planning advice, in the hope that potentially talented people from around the world will study in Japan and become world-class international outstanding person through their experiences in Japan. Also we expect that throughout promoting the Japanese language abroad, more people speak and understand the Japanese language.In the long term, this may also promote the mutual understanding, strengthen cultural awareness and foster social and economic relations between the people and institutions in the respective countries.

Financial Resources

The Foundation is funded by contributions from Tao Yamamoto and his associated companies. Yamamoto is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in the start-up and management of more than 20 companies in Japan and abroad, including China, Indonesia, the U.S., Pakistan, and so on. Also he has built an international human network through establishing a wide variety of IT companies, construction companies, cosmetics companies, agricultural companies, and manufacturing companies, as well as through company management, mergers and acquisitions. Through buyouts of some of these companies and the business profits from them, he hopes to establish the foundation so that talented people from around the world could study in Japan, become internationally outstanding people, make their way to the world, and become bridges between Japan and the world, and also hopes to spread the Japanese language around the world.