What do you want to learn in Japan?
The Akebono Scholarship supports you who wish to study in Japan and make use of the experience in your country. We will grant you a scholarship and invite you to Japan.

■ Why study in Japan?

The growth of Japan has been made possible by the high level of knowledge and technology fostered by its excellent education system. Japan is one of the most unique cultures in the world, and learning about its people, culture, history, and language will give you a great insight into the global society of the future. By learning in Japan, you will learn about your own country and become a person who will be a development for both countries.

We support your passion.

The Akebono Scholarship provides support for relocation and daily life in Japan. The scholar will be given the privilege to study in Japan with financial support (educational and travel expenses) through The Akebono Scholarship. Our staff will support you in securing housing and other required assistance during your stay.

■ How to Apply for the scholarship in 5 Steps

  1. Registration for the Akebono Scholarship
  2. Apply for the Program
  3. Pass the Screening Selections
  4. Set up the Program with our member
  5. Abroad in Japan!

About Akebono Foundation

The Akebono Scholarship was established to foster talented individuals who are eager to learn in Japan. We provide scholarships to those who want to come to Japan but are unable to do so due to financial reasons and support their life in Japan. After their studies in Japan, we hope that they will become a bridge to Japan in the future and that they will be able to build international human networks with other scholarship recipients through the medium of Japan.

■ You can take a Tailor made study

We will provide you with a unique study plan where you can learn from professionals in the field you want to study. For example, if you want to study tourism business, you can learn from travel agencies, universities, local municipalities, etc. We ask you about what you want to learn in Japan and how to make use of your experience for your country, and we provide opportunities for you to be an active contributor globally.

■ Am I eligible?


1.Have Nationality of the following countries:
  Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro,
  Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia
2.Can relocate to Japan and have the will to learn
3.Have a certain level of Japanese language communication skills before abroad
  (Reference: JLPT N2, CEFR B1~B2)

Let’s get off to a good start!

Akebono Scholarship Registration
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